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Big Belly Balm (2 oz)

  • Big Belly Balm


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Pamper your growing body with this rich emolient, lightly scented with lavender and rose essential oils. Big Belly Balm will help prevent stretch marks naturally while keeping your skin supple, smooth, and radiant!

Directions: Generously apply to belly, breasts, and hips throughout your pregnancy, and beyond! 

Ingredients: Calendula Flowers*(Calendula officinalis), Plantain Leaf* (Plantago lanceolata), Comfrey Leaf* (Symphytum officinale), Pine Resin* (Pini resina), Lavender* and Rose Essential Oil.

Also Contains: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Castor Oil*, Bees's Wax*, Shea Butter*, and Vitamin E Oil.

*Organically grown or ethically wildharvested.